Regulator 2.0

Is a low pH surfactant, which can be combined with water and other products in spray tank mixtures. ALWAYS check pH of spray tank mixture when adding REGULATOR 2.0, to maintain optimum pH level desired. REGULATOR 2.0 may not be compatible with all products or fertilizer mixes. When mixing with other products, a jar compatibility test is recommended.



REGULATOR 2.0 is a carbon surfactant containing high amounts of energy and Oxygen.

  • Enhances herbicide burn down
  • Lowers pH of solution
  • Delivers molecular Oxygen
  • Safe and easy to use

Usage Directions

USE 2-4 quarts of REGULATOR 2.0 per 100 gallons of water to adjust pH of spray tank mixture. REGULATOR 2.0 can be applied to all field and row crops, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, berries and grapes. May be foliar applied by air or ground application equipment.

Mixing with irrigation water for field storage is generally not recommended. Products blended with irrigation water should be used immediately and not stored for prolonged periods.

Mixing Instructions

REGULATOR 2.0 should be added to tank water first with sufficient agitation. It may be combined with most fertilizer solutions using adequate agitation during mixing. A jar compatibility test is recommended when mixing with other products.

Foliar Application:

When using REGULATOR 2.0 in foliar sprays, the recommended rate is 2-4 quarts REGULATOR 2.0 per 100 gallons water.

Storage and Handling

  • Do not mix this product with fungicides, biocides, or other products containing heavy metals.
  • Do not store product in direct sunlight.
  • Protect product from freezing.
  • Always check ph of tank mixture when adding REGULATOR 2.0 to tank to maintain optimum ph level.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.
  • In case of contact, immediately flush skin, eyes or clothing with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.