RESTORE™ is a natural blend humic acid which has been energized to a pH of <3.0 in a highly oxygenated solution.


Replenish Plant Nutrients

RESTORE™ is designed to replenish the carbon/oxygen diet all plants need for maximizing production by rapidly developing the root system and improving the plant’s ability to uptake water and nutrients enhancing photosynthesis and sugar production.

Save Money

RESTORE™ is very affordable and more savings are realized from the product’s ease of application, money saved on fuel, equipment costs, and wages. Plus you’re cleaning up the environment and soil structure from years of salt saturation free of charge!

Usage Directions:

RESTORE™ can be applied to all field and row crops, fruit and nut tress, vegetables, berries, grapes and turf. May be applied directly to soil, through irrigation systems, or foliar applied by air or ground application equipment. Mixing with irrigation water for field storage is generally not recommended. Products blended with irrigation water should be used immediately and not stored for prolonged periods.

Mixing Instruction:

RESTORE™ should be added to tank water with sufficient agitation. It may be combined with most fertilizer solutions using adequate agitation during mixing. A jar compatibility test is recommended when mixing with other products.

General Information:

RESTORE™ is an auxiliary soil and plant substance, which can be combined with other fertilizers or can be applied directly to soil with water. RESTORE™ may not be compatible with all products or fertilizer mixes. When mixing with other products, a jar compatibility test is recommended.

Wisconsin Grown Soybeans

2 gallons Restore applied in-furrow on Wisconsin grown soybeans, shown on the right. Nothing in-furrow shown on the left.

Soybean Restore