Surf Tack 300

A concentrated, ionic balance, nanotized, amphoteric bio-based, wetting agent additive. It is designed to use for all types of agricultural based herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and various water-based products for crops.

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Unique Features

  • Eco-friendly, bio-based, and bio-degradable
  • Highly adaptive to various ionic charges
  • pH balance for various pH sensitive products
  • Fast reacting and quicker wetting
  • Emulsifies to miro emulsions and highly stable
  • Superior drift control and deposition coverage
  • Will not harm crops and fruits
  • Spray evenly with increased wetting and penetrations
  • Very low foaming with wide coverage capability

Helps the crop protection spray hit the target

Surf Tack-300 is a highly concentrated and extremely effective, ionic balance superior wetting agent. It also performs as a drift-control agent and deposition coverage aid that helps crop protection products remain in targeted areas. Effective and easy to use, Surf Tack-300 is compatible with most watersoluble and wet-able powder fertilizers, crop protection products, desiccants, and cotton defoliants. Follow dilution rate below and use as directed for best results.

Regular Maintenance Use Rates
Use For Dilution Rate Per 100 Gallons of Water
Golf courses 2 to 3 fl-oz
Lawn 2 to 3 fl-oz
Ornamentals 2 to 3 fl-oz
Aquatics 1 to 2 fl-oz
Vegation management 1 to 3 fl-oz
Sports Turf 2 to 3 fl-oz
Row Crops 2 to 3 fl-oz
Trees 2 to 3 fl-oz
Speciality Use
Use For Dilution Rate Per 100 Gallons of Water
Pest Control 2 to 4 fl-oz
Herbicides 3 to 6 fl-oz
Liquid Fertilizer Blends 2 to 3 fl-oz
Insecticides 2 to 4 fl-oz