A natural carbon product made from liquefied humic shale. Humika™ contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids as well as many trace minerals. 


Carbon Building Blocks Healthier and more Profitable Crops

Humika is a nutrient stabilizer and transports key fertilizer ingredients efficiently into the plant. Humika breaks down the phosphate and potassium in fertilizer making these available to the plant earlier than when fertilizer is applied without Humika


  • Increases yield in most commericial crops
  • Improves N.P.K uptake and metabolic efficiency 
  • Accelerates soil micro-biology
  • Improves soil structure and permeability
  • Increases root beneficial fungal growth
  • Enhances seed germination and emergence
  • Develops plant drought tolerance
  • Protects against sodium burn
  • Provides an essential carbon source for plants


Corn, Soy, Wheat, Cotton, Beans, Carrots, Peanuts, Sorghum, Sugar Beets

Application Rates
Liquid Fertilizer 16 ounces per 5 gallons
28-32% Nitrogen 16 Ounces per 10 gallon, minimum 16 ounce per acre
MAP (11 - 52 - 0) 2 gallon per 2000 lbs. Vertical blending is most efficient
Foliar application 16 ounces per acre
Herbicides 16 ounces per acre (Jar test recommended)
Glyphosphate 16 ounces per acre
Center pivot 16 ounces per acre