Soil Revitalizer

Soil Revitalizer sweetens and neutralizes the soil. It creates a better environment for plant growth in the same manner as calcium carbonate (lime) or calcium sulfate (gypsum). Manganese Sulfate, Zinc EDTA. 

Corn Soil

Helps break down salt and soil compaction

Soil Revitalizer 10-0-0 contains balanced minerals and Humic acids with live microbes. This mineral composition helps break down salt and soil compaction to help release “tied up” minerals in the soil. Specially cultured SEBS soil-microbes decompose chloride and other sodium based salt that interferes with soil pH. Depending on the present soil pH, it can increase pH up to 2 points, if the soil is highly acidic.

It is recommended that the soil be tested prior to application. In some cases, it may require 2 or more applications to bring the pH back to normal, depending on salt and other mineral compaction. Regular application of this product can keep the soil pH balanced and eliminate the annual dry lime application. 

During and after this treatment, avoid applying other high salt-based fertilizer products. Soil tests are necessary to determine proper rate of application and dosage required per acre for 10-0-0. Contact your supplier for customized application details. 

Directions for use 

Apply as directed. Shake well before using. 


28 to 32 ounces of concentrate per acre. 

Home landscape and gardens

1 to 2 ounces per gallon of water to cover 1,000 square feet. Apply Soil Revitalizer to turf or gardens during the spring, summer or fall. It should be applied in the morning or early evening. It reacts with the soil within weeks, eliminating the need to apply the treatment 4 to 6 months in advance. Treat gardens after tilling and before planting. It may be used in combination with fertilizers, soil conditioners, and herbicides.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) 10%
7.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
3.0% Urea Nitrogen (N)
Soluble Potash (K20) 0.20%
Calcium (Ca) 0.100%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.50%
0.50% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)
Sulfur (S) 1%
1.00% Combined Sulfur (S)
Boron (B) 0.02%
Chlorine (Cl) 0.10%
Cobalt (Co) 0.0005%
Copper (Cu) 0.05%
Iron (Fe) 0.10%
0.05% Chelated Iron (Fe)
0.05% Water Soluble Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn) 0.05%
0.04% Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)
Sodium (Na) 0.10%
Zinc (Zn) 0.05%
0.05% Chelated Zinc (Zn)
Inert Ingredients 87.73%
*Plant Nutrients derived from: Diammonium phosphate, urea, sulfur coated urea, muriate of potash. Calcium carbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, Ammonium Sulfate, Borax, Copper Chloride, Iron Citrate, Ferrous Sulfate.