Iper Fer Marathon


Iper Fer MarathonThe Durable Effect Of Iper Fer Marathon

HBED, short for N, n’-Bis-(2-Hydroxybenzyl) ethlendiamine-N, n’-Dipropionic Acid, is a chelate that protects against precipitation up to a very high pH of 12. The stability constant of Fe-HBED is even higher than that of the Fe-EDDHA chelate with the highest ortho-ortho percentage. In contrast to the EDDHA chelate, the HBED chelate has no isomers. Therefore, the stability constant is always high and doesn’t depend on the ortho-ortho percentage, which is difficult to analyze. 

Contrary to the EDDHA chelate, HBED has a limited affinity to copper. This means that the risk of copper accumulation is far smaller. All this makes the HBED chelate the most effective chelating agent on the market. Iper Fer Marathon is a micro granulated product, which is easily water-soluble. 

If you are looking for the best product to treat iron deficiency, Iper Fer Marathon is your choice. Due to its high concentration, its stability, its resistance to UV light, its reduced copper sensitivity and its long lasting effect, Iper Fer is without a doubt THE solution for alkaline soils. 

Iper Fer Marathon, For Crops Grown In Alkaline Soils

  • 9% Fully available iron, no isomers
  • Unique molecular chelating structure 100% effective
  • Available and protected in a pH range up to 12
  • Very high stability constant, higher than every existing chelates
  • UV resistant
  • Reduced copper affinity
  • Long lasting effect of iron application
  • The new standard in iron nutrition - when the very best is needed
  • Compatible with most water soluble fertilizers - conduct jar test