Published January 28, 2016 15:49

Humika has proven to increase yields by helping nature help itself.

LAKE LILLIAN, MINNESOTA — January 2016 — With the introduction of Humika™ spray adjuvant for commercial agriculture, Max Systems LLC, has literally found a way to help nature help itself. As a natural carbon product made from liquefied humic shale. Humika contains high levels of humic and fulvic acids, as well as many trace minerals.

As the lowest denominator in the breakdown of organic carbon, humic acid provides the soil and plants with a number of benefits, including the stimulation of microbial growth and improvement in the plant’s immune response. Humic substances, which are typically formed by the microbial degradation of dead plant matter such as lignin, also help detoxify the soil, act as a natural buffer against sodium burn and help hold nitrogen. Unfortunately, commercial agriculture doesn’t generally allow nature enough time to produce sufficient amounts of humic acid to reap all its benefits. That’s where the application of “carbon-aided” Humika comes in, according to Douglas Stengel, co-owner and business partner in Max Systems LLC.

“Humika is a nutrient stabilizer and transports key fertilizer ingredients efficiently into the plant,” he explains. “Humika breaks down the phosphate and potassium in fertilizer, making these available to the plant earlier than when fertilizer is applied without Humika. The humic acid found in Humika also provides an essential carbon source for plants and increases root and beneficial fungal growth,” he adds, noting that carbon is the building block of all life on Earth. “As a result, we’ve seen the application of Humika consistently provide a return on investment by adding seven to eight bushels per acre in fields of corn, wheat and soybeans.”

Applied at rates as low as 16 ounces per acre, Humika can be applied with most liquid fertilizer, herbicides and Glyphosate (jar test advised); as a foliar application, or through a center pivot irrigation system. The product is also approved for use on most commercial crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, edible beans, carrots, peanuts, potatoes, sorghum and sugar beets.

For more information on Humika or other products from Max Systems LLC, visit or call (320) 979-5121.

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